Want to Become a Contributor to the YMN Website?


Do any of the following apply to you:

  • Interested in sharing your experiences in the job hunt?
  • Curious what goes into a good talk for undergraduates or a general seminar?
  • Wondering how to get invited to exciting conferences?
  • Want to try out Inquiry Based Learning (IBL) in your classes and either share your story or ask for advice?
  • Looking for (or want to share) fun math games to play with your friends or in a math club setting?
  • Want to advertise a weekly or monthly seminar in your Department that you’d like to drum up good speakers for?
  • Curious about how to prepare your students for jobs after their bachelor’s degree?
  • Looking for suggestions for good internships or REUs to go to (or to send your students to)?
  • Interested in good undergraduate conferences or journals for your paper or that of a student?

If any of these questions appeal to you, consider becoming a contributor to the Young Mathematicians Network website! We’d love have you. Send an e-mail to our Webmasters and start getting involved right now.

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