Welcome to the Young Mathematicians Network

Welcome to the Young Mathematicians Network.  We are an association of mathematicians and math enthusiasts including:

  • High school students,
  • College undergraduates,
  • Graduate students,
  • Post docs,
  • Junior faculty, and
  • Other young professionals

Our group aims to address issues facing these groups and provide assistance through:

  • the sharing of ideas and advice,
  • networking, and
  • mentoring

We will accomplish this through:

  • The development and maintenance of a welcoming online community through this website and our listserve,
  • Seminars, presentations and panels at national conferences including the Joint Mathematics Meeting and Math Fest, and
  • Other programming and events coordinated by our membership

You are welcome to post articles, comments, and of course, questions on this site so long as they pertain to the mission of this association, they are expressed with care and respect for all readers, and they are not meant to solicit money or sell a product (unless you have the expressed consent of the YMN Editorial Board).   The YMN Editorial Board reserves the right to remove posts that do not follow these guidelines and, if necessary, prohibit certain users from posting anywhere on the site.

Officers of the YMN

Join us on FB: https://www.facebook.com/groups/64483305086/

7 Responses to Welcome to the Young Mathematicians Network

  1. Ralucca Gera says:

    This is an interesting article about the STEM crisis, I thought you might like to read:

  2. Is there a linkedin group?

  3. Ralucca Gera says:

    Here is an interesting article titled “Why Do Americans Stink at Math?”
    The Common Core should finally improve math education. The problem is that no one has taught the teachers how to teach it.

  4. I would like to join YMN because I can see it is interesting to me

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