Post Docs

Welcome Post Docs in Mathematics and related fields!

This year’s Project NExT applications are open, and due on Friday April 11th, 2014. Project NExT is an excellent professional development program for young faculty, giving them a chance to interact with their mathematical peers and with more senior members of the mathematics community. For those of you on the job market or in your first year of a full-time teaching position at a college or university, you should be thinking about applying to be one of next year’s Project NExT Fellows!

For more details, check out the Project NExT website.

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  1. Mathfest 2013 activity:

    Title: Publishing your dissertation

    Organizers: Nick Scoville, Tim Goldberg and Kristine Roinestad

    Abstract: The work is all done, and now comes the fun part: publishing your dissertation. How do you break up your thesis into multiple papers? How do you determine the appropriate journal in your field to submit to? When is it appropriate to submit to a non-specialist journal? What is impact factor and mathematical citation quotient? Our panel of experts will answer these and many other questions in order to equip you to successfully publish your dissertation.

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